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Smarter clinician and patient scheduling for improved practice efficiency

  • Large booking window, with at-a-glance patient information
  • Review multiple doctor’s schedule at one time
  • Colour-coding for easier appointment management
  • Drag and drop information management
  • Review and make quick amendments to patient information from the booking screen
  • Important patient health prompts that don’t get in the way
  • Easy availability blocking (and unblocking!)
  • Flexible appointment templates
  • Easier more staff leave management

Patient Workflow

Providing a streamlined pathway of care, to the right people, promptly and efficiently

  • Future-built to allow self-service patient arrival which reduces reception workload
  • One-glance view of where a patient is within the practice (and with whom) at any time
  • More effective patient transitions between the clinical team
  • Flexible patient workflows to meet individual and practice preferences
  • Configures practice room footprint to meet specific practice requirements
  • Entire practice overview for invoicing


Enabling a streamlined consultation with collaborative healthcare outcomes

  • One-screen patient health dashboard review
  • Clear view of patient information during entire note entry process
  • Device integration: blood pressure monitor, ECG, spirometry automatically populated
  • Body map examination option, with easy image attachment and comparison
  • Critical alerts and prompts within the same screen – no annoying pop-ups
  • Drug interaction checks directly tied to the NZ formulary
  • Quick-view colour coding to ensure clear understanding of prescription safety
  • One-click patient allergy check within medication window
  • Customised alert functionality around interactions and allergies
  • Easy NZ government and ACC claiming with eligibility indicators based on diagnosis
  • Shared portal for third-party health claiming, including mental health and addiction
  • Integrated e-referral (BPAC) submission
  • Real-time visibility of referral status across all healthcare providers for each patient
  • Full doctor control over what is (and what isn’t) shown on the patient portal
  • Offers e-discharge summaries for healthcare team and allied healthcare partners to review
  • Ability to create customised patient healthcare plans
  • All members of the healthcare team can access, review and add to the patient care plan
  • Mobile-enabled and touchscreen-friendly

Health Timeline

A complete, chronological and fully searchable patient health history

  • A life-long patient health review accessible at all times
  • All notes, from all healthcare providers, can be reviewed within one screen
  • Quickly navigate to every health entry through text hyperlinks on the timeline
  • All medications being prescribed across all providers are cross-checked for safety
  • Easy ‘transfer’ of health records

Secure Communications

Modern, secure and beautifully integrated communications

  • All messaging and video functionality part of the indici DNA, not an after thought
  • Offer patients customised care without them setting foot in a practice (video consultations)
  • Provide quality care from anywhere at any time
  • Secure inbox messaging only one click-away at all times
  • Notification icon is always visible but does not affect information view
  • Referral replies straight into your inbox for quick review
  • Inbox automatically categorised for easy communications management
  • Secure health messaging across all providers and patients
  • Smarter practice communication streams

Practice Management

Efficient and effective practice management at your fingertips and support where you need it

  • Quickly review average waiting room times
  • Easily mimic practice users to see what they can see
  • Compare and contrast appointment allocation with the actual consultation time
  • Assess booking and cancellation trends
  • Effective group contact/patient management
  • Easily upload documents with seamless scan and print functionality
  • Assign tags to individuals or groups of patients for effective filtering
  • Quickly and easily manage staff profiles, leave and roster templates
  • Monitor staff performance
  • Improved capturing of all practice accounts receivables
  • Eligibility verification, claims processing and revenue management
  • Agile customisation and shortcuts for speed of use
  • Scalable system that adapts to practice growth and site expansion
  • Software driven by continuous innovation
  • Mobile-enabled and touchscreen-friendly
  • Full migration support with thorough practice training
  • Secure backup to keep your data safe in the cloud
  • New Zealand-based service centre
  • Build your staff files inclusive of alerts to remind staff what’s due

Patient App

An intuitive, clean, secure and fully integrated patient app

  • Full-screen dashboard with easy-access menus
  • Information can be updated and immediately live with all healthcare providers
  • Quick and simple online appointment bookings that automatically schedule the correct duration
  • Secure payment portal to pay your bill online
  • Test results and real-time doctor comments
  • View and track ongoing health vitals
  • Healthcare plan dashboard allowing progress updates and real-time communication with health team
  • Resource section to store e-documents provided by healthcare providers
  • Wearable device technology integration for uninterrupted monitoring
  • Turn on the elements of patient portal that suits your practice
  • Recall management: set reminders for patients to interact with