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Ministry of Health/District Health Board

Through your support and the thousands of team hours spent researching the healthcare technology sector, we’ve been working hard to overcome one of the many barriers: aging hardware and software platforms.

Accessible from anywhere, at any time

Keeps track, securely and every step of the way

Built to cooperate, integrate and collaborate

Designed to leverage the entire NZ healthcare system

indici™ has many amazing features. However, as organisations improving, promoting and protecting the health of all New Zealanders, there are a handful of features we know are really important to you. So, we thought we’d point them out.

bringing patient care and access to the 21st century (and beyond)

allows healthcare providers to reach and treat more people, anywhere, at any time

  • Mobile-enabled, intuitive and touchscreen-friendly
  • Highly-secure and cloud-based, available 24/7 on any internet-capable device
  • Greater system efficiency means spending more quality time with the patient
  • Offers more agile care for challenging treatment outcomes (e.g. TB)

  • E-discharge summaries for healthcare team and allied healthcare partners to review
  • Ability to create customized patient healthcare plans
  • All members of the healthcare team can access, review and add to the patient care plan in real time

  • Full-screen dashboard with easy-access menus
  • Information can be updated and immediately live with all healthcare providers
  • Quick and simple online appointment bookings that automatically schedule the correct duration
  • Secure payment portal to pay your bill online
  • Test results and real-time doctor comments

  • View and track ongoing health vitals
  • Health care plan dashboard allowing progress updates and real-time communication with health team
  • Resource section to store e-documents provided by healthcare providers
  • Wearable device technology integration for uninterrupted monitoring

an intuitive, clean, secure and fully integrated patient app

Improved health record management, integration and collaboration

  • A single, life-long patient health record
  • Real-time visibility of referral status across all healthcare providers for each patient
  • Device integration: blood pressure monitor, ECG, spirometry automatically populated
  • Drug interaction checks directly tied to the live NZ formulary
  • Streamlined NZ government and ACC claiming with eligibility indicators based on point-of-care diagnosis
  • Individual patient eligibility engine including medical devices through PHARMAC
  • Shared portal for third-party health claiming, including mental health and addiction
  • Integrated e-referral (BPAC) submission

Improved population health screening, analytics and interventions

  • A single, life-long health record means better tracking of childhood obesity targets and progress
  • Improved ability to evaluate impact of national healthcare programmes
  • Ability to recognize high risk patients and better tailor their on-going care
  • More sophisticated health intelligence with agile demographic reporting and analytics
  • Integrates into community-based support programmes for more proactive patient care

Software driven by continuous innovation

We’ve been working on indici™ for 2 years and we started out with a really big vision. As such, we have lots of ideas to integrate into indici™ over the next few years (and beyond). We’d love your help to continue driving ongoing innovation into the DNA of indici™.

We would also love a conversation on how we can grow indici™ nationally together. The true power of indici™ comes from the power of the healthcare collective.

Having all New Zealand healthcare providers plugging into the system will expand and build upon the single healthcare record, maximizing our efforts and ultimately improving healthcare outcomes for all New Zealanders. We like the sound of that. We know you do too.