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  • “As a rural GP, indici offers me total accessibility not just at the practice but when I’m on the road too. Now I will be able to access patient records through my Samsung tablet at any time no matter where I am. So when I’m visiting a patient, or I’m contacted after hours, I’ll be able to bring up their complete medical record effortlessly. indici also makes it easy to view my schedule and appointment diary remotely and to make changes without having to contact my practice manager. Indici will transform the way I work, for the better of course. In a nutshell, the system means I’ll have everything I need at my fingertips 24/7.”

  • “Because indici was developed following extensive consultation with Kiwi GPs, practice nurses, practice managers and also patients, it’s a joy to use a system that has been built to work for us. It’s so intuitive and easy to use, and all key clinical information can be seen at a glance. The shared care record features of indici are particularly important to me, as my practice will be able to fully implement the Health Care Home model. This will be of great benefit to chronically ill and elderly patients and I’m looking forward to engaging them in the Health Care Home to the greatest extent possible.”

  • “The scale and range of practice management tools in indici are truly awesome and will greatly reduce the administrative workload across our practice. The ease with which we can schedule doctors’ diaries, create patient appointments and manage notifications and reminders will free up a lot of time as well as driving down DNAs. And the arrivals queue management and rooming features are simply a joy. The automated verification and billing functionality will bring benefits to patients and the practice alike, and will make life easier for everybody. Another major value point of indici is its scalability. It’s very reassuring to know that you’re investing in a system which is going to grow when you grow and which you can depend on to support your practice for the long haul.”

  • “indici means I’ll be able to work much more closely with primary care practices. The shared care record features of the system mean that I can now directly update relevant parts of the shared care records of patients referred to me for treatment under the Primary Options scheme and I will be able to add my own notes for the doctor to review. indici also means I’ll be able to complete and submit Primary Options claims with minimal effort, which will cut down on administration time as well as facilitating earlier payment by PHOs.”